Principal’s Message

Welcome to the new school year! It is so good to have in-person classes again and, even though there are some new protocols, it is wonderful to be able to interact with students. The staff are diligently working to reinforce the Alberta Health guidelines which will keep everyone safe. I am grateful to work with such a caring and dedicated staff.

Although students will remain in cohorts and there will not be any assemblies this year, there will still be exciting learning opportunities. This year there is an even stronger focus on having a safe and caring environment in which to develop students into strong, capable young people. The behaviours and attitudes promoted by the school can be found in the Code of the Cats:

Be respectful of people’s differences. God made us unique.
Ordinary people can achieve extraordinary feats.
Be a leader in a world of followers.
Communicate with positive language.
Act right and decently.
Think of others. Do as Jesus would do.
Serving others, through acts of kindness.

The school motto is ‘Sharing the spirit…Partager L’Esprit’. The spirit of Christ permeates every event and activity within the school. It is a spirit of respect, generosity, compassion, empathy and service. The school wishes for each student to embrace this spirit and share it with those around them. As such, students will be involved with the Good Neighbour Project. This is a grade level project which emphasizes kindness and helps students to be active contributors to the common good.

I am proud to be a Bobcat and to help promote the spirit of Christ with students and their families. I trust that you will also be proud to be part of the Bobcat family. I look forward to working with each one of you to maintain the standard of excellence found at Dr. Brosseau School.

God Bless.

Michele Revoy